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EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Tori Avano vs Jasmeen Lefluer
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EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Tori Avano vs Jasmeen Lefluer
EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Tori Avano vs Jasmeen Lefluer

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EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Tori Avano vs Jasmeen Lefluer

Jasmeen Lefleur had an Impressive fight against Cheyenne Jewel. She ended up losing to Cheyenne as most people do but she did demonstrate some serious skill and sexual aggression against a formidable opponent. Tori Avano has not done a lesbian wrestling match yet. This is her first time testing herself against another female in a sex fight. Tori has done a few matches for the mixed wrestling and she has legit grappling skill. What Tori really succeeds in is her sexual aggression. She is pussy and cock hungry and she is always getting her grabs in. This match between these two curvy Latina babes starts out with two styles that cancel each other out bringing into a tied round 1. Jasmeen has more powerful wrestling skills while Tori is much more sexually aggressive. When tori gets top position, she is constantly scissoring Jasmeen with Trib fucking, getting Jasmeen horny and wet and unable to think about anything but tits and ass. This match is close and demonstrates well what a real sex fight is all about. Only one can win today. The Winner strap on fucks the loser then puts her REAL COCK in the losers ass hole and goes to town until the loser is drained completely, laying on the floor wanting more and more. Featuring: Jasmeen LeFleur , Tori Avanao
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