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Evolved Fights – Daisy Ducati, Sam Solo
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Evolved Fights – Daisy Ducati, Sam Solo
Evolved Fights – Daisy Ducati, Sam Solo

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Evolved Fights – Daisy Ducati, Sam Solo

Daisy Ducati is an extremely seasoned wrestler, known for her solid legs that can snap a man’s avoid! This is why she has the nickname “Lethal Legs”. Sam Solo did some wrestling in senior high school however his experience isn’t huge. He’s dramatically smaller sized and also weak than our stunning Amazon.com Sissy Ducati. Sam Solo does not begin too well, as he obtains trapped in Sissy Ducati’s leg scissors and immediately feels her power. She squashes him so hard, he can hardly breath and from there things become worse. Sam Solo is regarded ineffective for this match, as Sissy Ducati owns him entirely. She places him in gift-wraps and holds him with her legs, regulating him and also compeling him to choke himself with his own arm. The Reward Round is even more embarrassment for this bad little weak guy, as Sissy Ducati possesses him literally and sexually. She rests on him as well as makes him praise all-time low of her dirty
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