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EvolvedFights – Charlotte Sartre, Sheena Rose
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EvolvedFights – Charlotte Sartre, Sheena Rose
EvolvedFights – Charlotte Sartre, Sheena Rose

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EvolvedFights – Charlotte Sartre, Sheena Rose

Charlotte Sartre is on a great win streak right now. She’s had her share of losses and now she only craves victory. Sheena Rose is The Queen of Mean. We put her with a wrestler who was much bigger than she was on her first match and it just wasn’t fair for her, Although it was totally worth it for the orgasms she got. Today, there are no excuses for these girls; no bitching about how their opponent is bigger or stronger, these girls have nearly the same exact stats. The wrestling goes back and forth and comes down to who has better strategy. Sheena knows she comes super easily so she tries to get her orgasms out early so she’s too cummed out to lose in round 3. Charlotte is really coming into the role of Domme but now she needs to learn how to control her arousal from being dominant. She gets very close to cumming on from dominating. One of these two little ladies cums hard in round 3. The winner face fucks the loser making her give a sexy sloppy blowjob. The Winner fucks the loser’s pussy then fingers her asshole and fucks it hard with the strapon all the meanwhile making the loser put a vibrator on her clit so she cums over and over and over again.
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