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Clubstiletto – TS Staci’s Party Toilet Training
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Clubstiletto – TS Staci’s Party Toilet Training
Clubstiletto – TS Staci’s Party Toilet Training

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Clubstiletto – TS Staci’s Party Toilet Training

You have submitted yourself to beautiful TS Domina Staci and you have now advanced to your next level of training as her full toilet. She has duct tape in her hands and tells you that you are in for a lot of ‘fun’. “There will be about 6 different men using this toilet” she tells you, “and you will be secured to it.” She explains that every time you fail to consume the waste of the person on the toilet she will kick you in the balls and that if you want it to stop you have to drink and eat it all. To assist you she pulls out a mouth spreader that insures your mouth will always be open. As she sits on the toilet her cock and balls are revealed as they fall into the open lid. Staci has a big cock so it hangs quite low and you might even be able to reach it with your tongue once secured in place on the floor. She runs her hands over her cock as she gets aroused thinking of how you are going to be used. It will get messy and Staci will use her hands to smear it all over you and in your mouth if necessary and then lick her fingers clean. “You have no idea what you are getting yourself into” she warns you. Now Staci is nice enough to let you warm up on her ass rather than secure you to the toilet and go back to the party where she forgets about you all together. She gets on her knees and leans over the toilet and you get an up close view of her hanging cock and balls as well as her ass and butt hole. She tells you to crawl in and get your tongue in her ass. You just barely begin and she stands up and tells you that is all. She wants you to hunger for more of her ass which means you will do everything she tells you just so you can get more next time. Now she tells you to get under the toilet as she sits back down and allows you to gaze up and her cock, balls and asshole. She informs you that you might not like being her toilet but she doesn’t care, you are her pet and you do as told. In time it will be routine and you will do it easily as you know this is now your purpose in life. When not locked to the toilet you will live at the end of her leash, with her wherever she goes, even when her bull is over fucking her. Your mind will always be thinking about her ass though and your noble position as her 24/7 toilet.
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