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SensualPain – May 22, 2019: Foot Slave Graphic Food Crushing | Abigail Dupree
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SensualPain – May 22, 2019: Foot Slave Graphic Food Crushing | Abigail Dupree
SensualPain – May 22, 2019: Foot Slave Graphic Food Crushing | Abigail Dupree

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SensualPain – May 22, 2019: Foot Slave Graphic Food Crushing | Abigail Dupree

Foot Slave Graphic Food Crushing your Balls, Genitals and Cock crushing fantasy – A sex slave task that is Erotic and fun, requested my the members – This foot slave loves to experience many different sensations with her feet bare feet (like cock rubbing). Watch and listen to the lovely bare slave feet crushing different colors and textures, wet, crunchy sounds, spraying juice by popping.. Slaven 465 May2019: My shoe size is US-6 (Euro Sizes-36 UK Sizes-4) I am crushing your penis suggestively as I crush, stomp and destroy many types of food with my bare feet, heels, toes and arches. Fantasy; I am crushing your penis, I am telling you how it feels to stomp your cock and balls. I want to crush you, to make you cum just like I do to these Tomatoes, Rice noodles, Smelly Oysters, Water Mellon, Crunchy noodles, Purple Snoballs, Cake, Cherry Pie, Lemon Pudding, Marshmallow Puff. At the end there is nothing left of you but a pile of slop, piggy slop. Degradation a tool in training the slave. Humiliation is a fundamental practice of degrading the slave as part of a dressage or sometimes as a very effective temporary punishment. A distinction is made between: 1.) verbal humiliation such as verbal insults, insults, contempt or treatment, for example, as a minor, as an animal or as a subjugated person. Usually limited in time. 2.) passive humiliation, in which the slave ⁄ the slave eg by humiliating clothing, diapers, washing prohibition, head shaving, Nackthaltung (nude entertainment) over long periods the own degradation (also as temporary punishment) is clarified. 3.) active humiliation, in which the slave ⁄ the slave through humiliating actions such as Facefuck, facesitting or task masturbation, their own degradation is clarified. The understanding of consistency described as from DEBRIS is the basis for comprehensive implementation – but it is based on the right of the slave to be able to withdraw consent at any time. – which means at the same time an immediate end of the action, dressage, etc. or at the termination of the entire training their non-revisable end. In this way, a balance is created between truthfulness ⁄ unconditionality in the realization of a lived sadomasochistic environment and the principle of overriding consensuality of all involved
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