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BrutalMaster – The Pig | 28 October 2019
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BrutalMaster – The Pig | 28 October 2019
BrutalMaster – The Pig | 28 October 2019

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BrutalMaster – The Pig | 28 October 2019

The Pig is back in HELL! and her agony is greater than ever because BrutalMaster has been keeping something just for her, sometime so cruel and vicious that only a masochistic piece of meat like The Pig should endure it. The Pear of Anguish. This medieval torture device, used to torture heretics and unfaithful women, is pain incarnate. It is shoved up Pig’s cunthole and then a long screw causes the sections of the pear to spread, wider and wider. All the while the screw device itself makes a terrifying sound to further fuck up the bitch’s head. But there is more coming for this piece of shit. Once the pear is opened an the skank’s worthless cunthole is already being stretched to the max (more about that in a moment) BrutalMaster adds electro-torture to up the ante just a bit more. Who are we kidding, a LOT more. During all this The Pig is in agony and in fear of throwing up and passing out. But she does not, she just suffers and suffers and suffers. Just before leaving the bitch alone, BrutalMaster pisses on her face and makes her drink as much as she can. Now, about that stretched to the max cunt thing — as he begins to pull the pear our of the whore’s filth hole, you can see exactly how brutal it actually is. Do not miss The PIg suffering The Pear of Anguish.
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