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TheTrainingOfO – Dec 14, 2007 – Mz Berlin, Claire Adams
TheTrainingOfO – Dec 14, 2007 – Mz Berlin, Claire Adams

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TheTrainingOfO – Dec 14, 2007 – Mz Berlin, Claire Adams

The Training of Berlin, Day Two Training Report Training Goals: Improve oral skills Prepare her to fuck on camera Posture Training Ballet boot training Slut training Recommendations: Put her into stressful suspension bondage and teach her to use her slut mouth to convince us that she wants her pussy fucked. Make her work for a hard fucking from a fucking machine, and pound her cunt till she collapses from exhaustion. Turn loose Miss Claire Adams on her to teach her correct posture and basic skills in ballet boots. Use an ass hook, tight nipple clamps and an intense corset / posture collar to keep her in form. Tie her down and vibrate her cunt while beating and manhandling her, giving her the opportunity to orgasm, if she can. Escort her to slave quarters and order her to masturbate in front of us, something she never does and is totally embarrassed by. Order her to her knees to fuck a hard cock with her beautiful tits, then fuck her face and order her to milk the come out all over her tits in her first on camera blowjob scene. Assign homework and journal, and leave her there for the night to prepare for the next day’s training.
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