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Samantha – Spanked Rock Star
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Samantha – Spanked Rock Star
Samantha – Spanked Rock Star

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Samantha – Spanked Rock Star

This video is dedicated to my good friend Koo. He is the best person I know! Samantha the Rocker is one of those real disciplinary films with so many facets. I was dating the bass player for Samantha’s band for awhile (and introducing the concept of disciplinary spankings in her life as a motivational tool) When Samantha had issues with drinking and drugging too much as to damage the bands reputation. Karen (the bass player) approached her road manager and suggested in acquiring my help (an ultimatum) to Samantha regarding the ability to keep her as the front person. To make a long story short, Samantha , Karen and Tony the road manager showed up this day, wherein Samantha agreed to this spanking to clear the air with the irate band. This is a real as it gets!
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