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BondageLife – Maximum Security Hogtie – Elise Graves
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BondageLife – Maximum Security Hogtie – Elise Graves
BondageLife – Maximum Security Hogtie – Elise Graves

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BondageLife – Maximum Security Hogtie – Elise Graves

Bondage Life is pleased to welcome Elise Graves to our family of bondage pets. We especially didn’t want this one to get away, so we started her off by letting her know exactly what she could expect when getting tied up around these parts. First, those flexible arms got their elbows welded tightly together behind her back, with all the final knots tied up behind her neck where prying fingers can’t possibly reach. Placed face down, her ankles were crossed and bound before connecting her feet to the ropes around her shoulders. What followed was a proper introduction to our version of the bondage lifestyle. The ropes were pulled tight and her body was arched back into a painfully tight bow. Her shoulders and breasts completely off the table and our favorite suffering girl sounds were soon coming out of her. Welcome to B-Life Elise! Be sure to check out Elise’s new site: WWW.BONDAGELIBERATION.COM too!
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