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UniversalSpanking – The Lust For Spanking Pleasures Part 1
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UniversalSpanking – The Lust For Spanking Pleasures Part 1
UniversalSpanking – The Lust For Spanking Pleasures Part 1

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UniversalSpanking – The Lust For Spanking Pleasures Part 1

Scarlett Lust was looking for a thorough spanking punishment session with a wide array of implements. She’s been a friend for a long time so her wish was granted and she was given a very long spanking as she changed between a few different outfits, and her reactions to the stinging smacks are out of this world! The spanking session starts out with Scarlett getting smacked over her tight black leggings, though those are quickly pulled down to reveal a very small pair of panties. The rapid fire spanking has her struggling early on in the punishment, and it doesn’t get any easier when her panties are removed. Scarlett then switches outfits and into something black and sexy as she faces several stinging leather implements head on. A black leather paddle delivers swat after swat to her beautiful bottom, only to be followed by strokes with a leather strap. The strapping is not made easy for Scarlett as she had to endure it with stinging piece of ginger placed tightly into her anus. The burning is intense for her and she made a valiant effort fighting the pain of the strap and the figging at the same time! Once she finished her figging, Scarlett still had to take more leather strap strokes to her behind from two straps, including a Canadian Prison Strap. With her strapping complete. Scarlett changes into a very short schoolgirl skirt which quite honestly doesn’t even come close to covering her round and now red bottom. She prepared herself to take many implements, and at this point in the session she would take licks from several that would cause great discomfort to her exposed cheeks. Scarlett’s journey continued on with punishment from two riding crops, followed by swats with a lexan paddle with holes! Next she submitted to strokes with a stiff leather strap, more swats with a heavy and solid lexan paddle, and on top of that Scarlett suffered through the horrible rubber strap with holes! The finale sees Scarlett taking more punishment with the bath brush, the carpet beater, and then taking even more swats with three paddles, two of them being wooden!!! This is a spanking punishment that you are going to want to see, it also features her luscious bottom being oiled and some behind the scenes footage as well:)
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