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SocietySM – Amy’s Undeniable Fate – Amy Brooke
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SocietySM – Amy’s Undeniable Fate – Amy Brooke
SocietySM – Amy’s Undeniable Fate – Amy Brooke

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SocietySM – Amy’s Undeniable Fate – Amy Brooke

This week Amy’s got Ogre to manage, and she looks around the room carefully because she awaits her inevitable and undeniable fate. Bound by ankle and wrist, she scoots across the ground and is startled when Ogre throws open the doorway to reach the task at hand. Amy’s body is a nice one, slender, tight and petite and she’a about to have it gone over methodically inch by inch, as Ogre rips her panties down and starts the plundering. Run through her paces in series of masterful brutality, Amy seems to be eager to oblige, unwavering from the fact that her day in her Master’s hands will soon be a lengthy one. What Happens before your eyes is a vision of pleasure and pain that pushes the boundaries of the mind and body. As much as Ogre needs, Amy gives.And when there’s anything that she might be holding back..she will eventually surrender.
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