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My Little Anal Cum Toy
My Little Anal Cum Toy

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My Little Anal Cum Toy

«Beautiful, sick Noemie is back for some hard anal domination with lots of piss and sperm in this long, epic session. Dr. Mercies turns her into a cum toy, with springs to hold open her mouth, and fills her belly and butthole over and over again with his frozen cum. (Real cum, folks, nothing fake!) Then he fucks her ass really hard, going airborne at one point, and finishes with an anal creampie that she squirts out and licks off the floor. After that, he suspends her, injects more cum into her asshole, makes her squirt that out too, and lick all of it up…. But wait, there’s more! He then fucks her ass all over again and shoots a fresh load straight into her mouth. Noemie loved it all. She’s filthy and awesome like that.
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