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Hardtied – Aug 16, 2017: Tense | Bobbi Dylan
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Hardtied – Aug 16, 2017: Tense | Bobbi Dylan
Hardtied – Aug 16, 2017: Tense | Bobbi Dylan

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Hardtied – Aug 16, 2017: Tense | Bobbi Dylan

Bobbi Dylan loves tight rope. With a rope between her legs you can see the tension in her body. She humps the rope like it’s her favorite partner. Her hair is tightly wrapped around her neck. That too makes her swoon. When somebody this flexible comes to our studio we have to turn them into a pretzel. Bobbi is such a body. OT uses it against her. He bends her over into a pile driver position and attaches the ropes coming from her wrists to one around her waist. To do that the rope has to go through her crotch. The more she pulls and struggles the more tension she puts on her sensitive little snatch. Bobbi is pulled into a tight hogtie, but it’s not her arms pulling her upper half into place. It’s her hair. Her back is arched with so much tension she can barely breathe.
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