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Dark Internet Romance Turns Real – Dungeon of Cum
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Dark Internet Romance Turns Real – Dungeon of Cum
Dark Internet Romance Turns Real – Dungeon of Cum

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Dark Internet Romance Turns Real – Dungeon of Cum

Rylie figures she’s just hit the jackpot in the online dating sweepstakes. She’s met a man, he’s tall, muscular and rides a mean assed bike. He’s got a little coin too, so that’s always a bonus. Out on their first date, they’re just cruising around, he’s got big plans; maybe some dinner, a visit to the picture show and such. Or so he says…They make a pit stop by the office so he can grab some cash for their primetime evening. Rylie’s been left outdoors and this hot date seems to be growing a bit cold as the dude is just seemingly taking forever. With her patience wearing thin, she decides she should go and investigate to see what could be taking the guy so damn long. Walking into the office, she’s greeted by a long, dark hall. It’s not the only thing dark though, as the musclebound madman springs from the shadows and unveils his true motives…The virtual world further encroaches upon reality as this one time cyber relationship morphs into warm, hard flesh. Rylie’s belly down on the plank as she takes one hellacious, bound fucking from above. Her biker-dude suitor has another trick up his sleeve though as she soon finds when she’s fully bound from the ceiling. Overwhelmed by the situation, Rylie busts out a spattering, squirting orgasm as she handles a rough bondage fuck before she’s coated in cum.
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