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Hucows – Katie – Bigger Nipples
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Hucows – Katie – Bigger Nipples
Hucows – Katie – Bigger Nipples

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Hucows – Katie – Bigger Nipples

Well, our prize HuCow Katie has big breasts, that’s for sure! Yet her teats are not that large. So we need to work on enhancing their dimension to make them more sensitive, much longer and also bigger nipples will certainly be far more successfully bled by machines like the red cow milker. We made new clear nipple area training cups specifically for Katie, and also hooked them to the very powerful digital bust training device. This equipment is developed to increase the size of the entire breast with huge cups, so utilizing a smaller mug will certainly make it even more powerful. Katie’s nipples were immediately bigger by 4 or 5 times! It’s a rather uneasy process of course, however Katie is getting made use of to the barn life, and also she hasn’t protested against any treatment for a very long time currently. She is completely used to being touched, rubbed, as well as fueled oil. And also most equipments do not really have a time frame for her anymore. As an example, she could be on the goat milker for life! We are curious to see if our therapy will certainly have any results in the future. We would certainly love to develop some larger and also longer nipple areas in addition to Katie’s massive breasts. That will truly change her into an excellent HuCow. But then again, Katie currently is our excellent HuCow, docile and also simple to take care of, as well as completely made use of to her new life. Don’t fret, you will certainly see a lot more Katie at HuCows.com! We understand you enjoy her too!
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