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SocietySM – Extremely Cute Newbie – Evi Fox
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SocietySM – Extremely Cute Newbie – Evi Fox
SocietySM – Extremely Cute Newbie – Evi Fox

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SocietySM – Extremely Cute Newbie – Evi Fox

Newbies come in all kinds of flavors…with some, even as excited as they are about being a submissive, they can be very nervous about everything that’s happening to them…because submissive desires do not always go hand in hand with the ability to submit…In Evi’s case, I think she is just a naturally brave young woman who strives for the appreciation of those around her…she likes to please people…and whether she knows it or not, those natural drives of hers just work out very well for being a BDSM bottom…But when Feenix enters to dom her and begins amping up her predicaments, it’s easy to see that Evi was not prepared for the types of things that might be happening to her…Often times, she lookes sincerely shocked by what is being done to her…but Evi hangs tough and sincere…she learns early on to listen to her Dom…and Evi pretty much turns into a perfectly adorable and brave submissive as the shoot progresses…Feenix is encouraged to push her limits as she takes each challenge well…by the end, Evi is inverted and hanging by all fours and ready to cum on command.
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