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Dungeon Corp – Split and Tortured – Wenona Slave
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Dungeon Corp – Split and Tortured – Wenona Slave
Dungeon Corp – Split and Tortured – Wenona Slave

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Dungeon Corp – Split and Tortured – Wenona Slave

Beautifully flexible Wenona is stretched to her limits. We have her rigged in the splits with her perfect pussy exposed. When Feenix enters the dungeon he starts with some bastinado on her dirty feet. He moves down, caning her tight, totally stretched legs as she drools all over her perfectly sculpted stomach. Feenix then Puts the magic wand inside her pussy, while vibrating Wenona’s eager clit and electrocuting her with the mini-prod. Feenix continues her punishment, flogging her legs and feet with the magic wand still inside her, bringing pain and pleasure to amazing heights. When she has had almost as much as she can handle, he adds the vibrator to her engorged clit again, bringing her to a screaming, drolling, messy orgasm
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