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Brutal Master – Cono | 20 September 2018
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Brutal Master – Cono | 20 September 2018
Brutal Master – Cono | 20 September 2018

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Brutal Master – Cono | 20 September 2018

It has been long established that Cono is really a piece of shit. In all honesty, she should just be a whore on the street, selling herself for a few coins per blow job or ass fuck. She needs humiliation, degradation, exploitation just to get off. She also needs to be punished constantly because she is such a worthless cunt. She has already been ordered to be an ‘anal only’ piece of meat, something she relishes because she knows she does not deserve any actual enjoyment of pleasure from her slutty activities. In this torment, the whore is strung up with an inflatable dildo in her cunthole, stretching it out, and then a weighted rope holds it all nice and snug. This is a bitch getting exactly what she deserves, pain, humiliaiton, abuse, exploitation, and exhibition. But, you know, this is HELL! so that is just the beginning of the agony this cunt faces on her “paincation.” Cono is a dildo bitch.
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