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Leah Winters Sadistic Sustenance
Leah Winters Sadistic Sustenance

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Leah Winters Sadistic Sustenance

The day after Leah Winters and Dr. Mercies made Submission, Inc, she came back for this. Despite her ass (and the rest of her body, really) having already being roughly used, the good doctor decided to use it even harder today. As he had gotten to know Leah, Dr. Mercies had learned that she’s an absolute sponge for domination, sadism, and extremely rough anal usage. The result from day 2 of their quarantine together is very harsh. Dr. Mercies’ fucks her ass from every angle while also punishing her pussy and stomach. But it’s also quite tender, as they were both very thankful to each other for their time together. Note that this session was self-filmed by Dr. Mercies. 2020 | MP4 | Full HD | 1920×1080 | 00:58:29 | 2,21 GB
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