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Hucows - Jezzy - milked maiden
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Hucows - Jezzy - milked maiden
Hucows - Jezzy - milked maiden

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Hucows - Jezzy - milked maiden

Our HuCow Jezzy has spectacular hair! Unsure if you saw that in her previous sessions, however she is a real maiden! When we first caught her, she was wearing this outstanding green medieval outfit. We secured a large HuCow collar on her neck as well as tried to draw her dress down to see her large breasts. Yet Jezzy was timid and also she kept pulling her dress back up. Eventually we needed to chain her to the wall surface (maiden design) to evaluate and also press her udders. We then bled her with the new small goat milker, which is a new kind of slow as well as constant milking. Despite the monotonous noise, this machine actually has a solid pulsation and it is very powerful with loooong vacuum pump time and also slow-moving launch. This permits ideal nipple stretch training, crucial for big uddered (but little nippled) HuCows like our sensational middle ages maiden Jezzy!!
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