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GoodSpanking – Chelsea Spanks: Madison
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GoodSpanking – Chelsea Spanks: Madison
GoodSpanking – Chelsea Spanks: Madison

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GoodSpanking – Chelsea Spanks: Madison

“The first thing I need to claim regarding this video is that Madison Youthful is one difficult player! I have actually never gone this much spanking any other woman as well as by the end of this seriously HOT spanking scene, Madison’s behind bares evidence of it. Madison’s go to with me begins tame sufficient, with a skirt cleaning … the common beginning of a great hand spanking. Yet, it rapidly becomes clear to me that Madison needs sterner procedures. I raise her skirt, spank her a bit extra and also Madison’s panties boil down quickly after that. From there, things start to warm up significantly. A really strong, bare-bottom hand spanking follows and Madison’s behind colors up, transforming a bright red almost right away. I’m not ended up, yet, though and also I have Madison begin even more clothes elimination. After entirely removing her tee shirt AND ALSO bra, Madison lies down over my knee for a vigorous hairbrush paddling, given with a thick bath-brush. Madison’s behind begins to reveal a bit more shade … At this point, I advise Madison to strip totally as well as I position my charming, naked spankee in a bent over the couch placement. The final stage of Madison’s super-reality spanking is done with my largest, most formidable paddle as well as I swear, I do not keep back. I land the paddle with all my strength and also Madison reacts with increasingly more interest! It’s as though I’m giving her precisely what she wants, as hard as that is for me to believe, even as I’m experiencing it!”
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