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HuCows - Lucy Lauren - the pet
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HuCows - Lucy Lauren - the pet
HuCows - Lucy Lauren - the pet

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HuCows - Lucy Lauren - the pet

Lucy Lauren has very delicate nipple areas. Remember her first time? And afterwards her three-way pumping? A great deal of participants have actually been concerned she would never be able to take care of the red cow milker. But today is the day: Lucy Lauren is going on the red cow milker!! She has actually been trained very well, her pet abilities are unbelievable. She can be gagged with a huge trick at all times, she will stroll on her hands as well as knees, as well as she is extremely loyal. The farmer has a little enjoyable with her before the session, leading her around in circles on a leash, and also placing nipple clamps on her in preparation for the bleeding session. Obviously, we are not entirely wicked right here at HuCows, so we provided Lucy a broadband vibrator to make her session manageable. Soon she was a salivating groaning mess, while her nipple areas were pumped to triple the original dimension! Yes, it was really excruciating for her, however training is essential, we can’t leave any one of our herd behind!
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