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CaptiveChrissyMarie – Leathered Lesbian Domination
CaptiveChrissyMarie – Leathered Lesbian Domination

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CaptiveChrissyMarie – Leathered Lesbian Domination

Chrissy had actually lately admitted to her girlfriend Celebrity that she has in fact regularly desired to try chains so she was happily stunned when she comes to Star’s area to discover her dressed like a dominatrix in all natural leather. Currently Star has Chrissy safely bound on the bed and additionally intends to have her means with her vulnerable fan. Chrissy is utilizing a natural leather lingerie set total with upper leg high stockings as well as spike heels along with a natural leather slave collar. Her wrists as well as ankle joints have actually been strapped right into natural leather cuffs as well as also she is connected spread eagle face down on the smooth satin sheets. Celebrity enters into with a flogger in hand. She proceeds to blindfold Chrissy so she can’t see what’s mosting likely to take place to her following. Then she straps a ball technique firmly into Chrissy’s mouth. Star begins to tease Chrissy with her fingertips leaving her body. yet the sensations without delay transform when Celebrity begins whipping her with the flogger. Chrissy squirms in addition to moans as the flogging enhances. After that Celeb changes to a studded natural leather paddle and additionally uses Chrissy 10 difficult swats. acquiring Chrissy used to what it appears like to take fine. This paddle is even more serious than the flogger as well as likewise it’s noticeable in Chrissy’s response when it initially arrive at her soft flesh. She starts to drool from her gagged mouth as she counts each stroke as suggested.
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