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DallasSpanksHard – Maintenance
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DallasSpanksHard – Maintenance
DallasSpanksHard – Maintenance

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DallasSpanksHard – Maintenance

This has to do with the concept of maintenance spankings and penalty spankings. There is a fine line between them, yet both are needed in a disciplinary partnership of any kind. I took this set step forward by allowing via the roll of dice, enabling the universe to make a decision if she was doing too behind the scenes as she sais she was. In this instance the universe smiled on as she rolled ten hard ones with the hand. I selected the antique clothes clean as my maintenance device. In the adhering to sequences (coming quickly), deep space ended up being a cruel mistress. I talked with Samantha Woodley recently. She was in a quandary because she felt she required paddlings every day, yet felt she could not be “bad” everyday. I informed her as I am informing you now; the response is upkeep paddlings (that do not need to be for bad habits) Instead a reminder of what comes from bad actions. It is a reasonable technique that can include daily paddlings if demand be.
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