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Laura – Keeping Lauretta in place
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Laura – Keeping Lauretta in place
Laura – Keeping Lauretta in place

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Laura – Keeping Lauretta in place

Laura place has been invaded by a masked intruder who make her strip to her underwear before tying her up to the couch. He then proceed to fill her mouth with her own socks, two of them, before sealing it on screen with white electrical tape wrapped aroung her head several tim. He need to keep Laura in place while he ransack upstairs. So he knots Layla ankles to the couch leg to prevent any wandering and hopping around. But our DID is not on the same channel and as soon as she is left out of sight she start using her feet to pick at the knot. The phone is just over the table and she can get there and call for help if she can set her legs free. But it doesn’t seems to work, at least not from a sitting on the couch position so Laura attempt to fall on the floor slowly without hurting herself, once on the floor she can try at least to use her hands to succeed where her big toes failed. She puts a great effort into it and she could have make it when she reached her ankles knot arching her back nicely but our intruder is back from upstairs and is osberving Laura show unnoticed. Just when she was seeing her freedom he jumps on her promising to prevent anymore escape attempt the hard way. He grabs some more ropes and start to make a nice ball of Laura body. The Balltie won’t leave any chance open for Laura not even for move, getting to the phone is now out of question and she will soon discover than once she fall down on her side it will be over and she will be stuck like that till someone will find it. Poor Lauretta, she can only wiggle her bound toes in despair while the evening become night and she will have to wait for the day the maid will come clearing her place and finally release her
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