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BondageJunkies - Bella vs. Her Coerced Orgasms
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BondageJunkies - Bella vs. Her Coerced Orgasms
BondageJunkies - Bella vs. Her Coerced Orgasms

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BondageJunkies - Bella vs. Her Coerced Orgasms

For this week’s upgrade, Bella is back to experiment with an unique predicament just for her. Also on low a magic stick easily can force several orgasms from her effortlessly. To flavor points up she’s secured into a spreadeagle with copper poles under her. With the electrical energy showed up Bella couldn’t assist however push her pussy hard versus the stick above her. In her uncomfortable setting, even a few secs causes her muscular tissues to tremble with effort. After a couple of warm-up shocks, Bella was in for the actual test. Would certainly she have the ability to hold herself up long enough to orgasm and also stay clear of the energized poles under her? I ensure to subject her to several tests simply to make sure.
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