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Shiny Bound – Supergirl Destroyed
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Shiny Bound – Supergirl Destroyed
Shiny Bound – Supergirl Destroyed

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Shiny Bound – Supergirl Destroyed

Supergirl obtains the distress call and also lands to check out. A popular political leader is being imprisoned inside this house, as well as there is a lead lined room she can not pass through with her x-ray vision. Really questionable! She goes into the residence as well as approaches the area. All of a sudden the space fills with gas. “What is this?! Kryptonite gas?. Ugghhh. getting weak.” as the toxic gas loads the area, Supergirl collapses on the flooring. When she pertains to, she is tightly tied up in Kryptonite rope. She has a hard time and also rolls around attempting to cost-free herself, yet she is far also compromised to break complimentary. The area again loaded with the poison gas as well as overtakes her. This time when she pertains to she is firmly chairtied in the Kryptonite rope. She overlooks as well as notices a bomb linked to her lap! “Ahhhh yes Supergirl!” a voice cackles. Black Head emerges from the darkness. “You fell right into my trap! You have actually been linked as well as subjected to large quantities of Kryptonite today. There’s no chance to damage totally free! Haha !! Also, you will notice I have actually rigged up this bomb in your lap to the vibe between your legs! I’ll transform it on and also when you reach climax, it goes BOOM! Haha !! In your damaged state, there is no way you’ll make it through! No more Supergirl!! Haahaha!” He pushes the button on the vibrator and also it goes to function. Poor Supergirl battles attempting to complimentary herself, feeling the orgasm structure. “Can not … obtain … away … from those resonances … Mppphhhffff.” Will she break out before the large “O” ends up being the large boom?!
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