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Hardtied – Sweat – Wenona 2013-03-06
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Hardtied – Sweat – Wenona 2013-03-06
Hardtied – Sweat – Wenona 2013-03-06

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Hardtied – Sweat – Wenona 2013-03-06

People sweat for a lot of reasons. Hard work, exercise and stress will all induce a bit of perspiration. And Wenona will be getting all three for Cyd Black today. It may not involve much heavy lifting, but it is pretty obviously one hell of a work out. The strappado position is one of the most strenuous. It involves tying the arms behind the back and then pulling them upward to bend to subject over. The result is not just a well presented ass. It also puts an incredible amount of strain on the back and shoulders as she tries to maintain her balance. With Cyd wailing on her ass until both cheeks are bright red Wenona has another problem. Her knees are starting to get weaker and as she sinks further down her shoulders begin to burn even more. When Cyd puts her down on those knees you can tell it isn’t comfortable. Her body starts to glisten from the effort. Cyd is too busy vibrating her pussy to really take notice, though. If she can just hold this position long enough she may get the chance to cum before he decides to move on. That is, if she can manage it through the pain he is inflicting.
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