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PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6
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PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6
PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6

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PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6

1. Pandie was rude to an elderly neighbor in the neighborhood. As Penalty, Pandie is spanked with a wood spoon, in standing setting, before the big picture window so that the upset next-door neighbor could witness Pandie’s technique. 2. Headmaster’s Workplace Pandie was mobilized to Headmaster Valentine’s workplace to address her bad behavior. He decided that Pandie had earned corporal punishment. She is spanked over the headmaster’s lap upon her bare base. After that she was provided numerous swats with the paddle. 3. Motherly Guidance Lisa had a talk with Pandie and revealed her problem over her little girl’s recent habits. Pandie confessed that her actions was bad. Her mommy instructed that before bed that night, Pandie was to get a bare bottom paddling, a spanking given out of love for a child looking for modification.
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