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PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6
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PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6
PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6

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PunishedBrats – Pandemonium At Home Chapters 4-6

1. Pandie was disrespectful to an elderly neighbor in the neighborhood. As Punishment, Pandie is spanked with a wooden spoon , in standing position, in front of the large picture window so that the offended neighbor could witness Pandie’s discipline. 2. Headmaster’s Office Pandie was summoned to Headmaster Valentine’s office to address her poor behavior. He decided that Pandie had earned corporal punishment. She is spanked over the headmaster’s lap upon her bare bottom. Then she was given several swats with the paddle. 3. Motherly Advice Lisa had a talk with Pandie and expressed her concern over her daughter’s recent behavior. Pandie admitted that her behavior was not good. Her mother instructed that before bed that night, Pandie was to receive a bare bottom spanking, a spanking given out of love for a daughter in need of correction.
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