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UniversalSpanking – The Path to Better Behavior
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UniversalSpanking – The Path to Better Behavior
UniversalSpanking – The Path to Better Behavior

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UniversalSpanking – The Path to Better Behavior

“The Path to Better Behavior” is the amazing follow up to “The Wild Side” and features stern corporal punishment. JK Howling had recently been partying too hard and making other notable mistakes. She had been taking a spanking punishment from her dad when she decided that enough was and she left home. Here in the follow up, JK has returned home and she’s exhausted and worn out from the lifestyle that she’d been living and she accepts that life would be much easier just to face her Dad and to make things right. JK’s Dad makes it clear that he loves her, but he’s going to finish the spanking that he started. JK agrees to take the rest of her punishment and the spankings begin on her cute shorts with a long and stiff strap with holes. Right from the start JK’s bottom is stinging from the strokes, and soon her shorts are pulled down allowing for the strap to be more effective! A razor strap is used next, and her bottom is also bared. The razor strap is applied in a very stern manner so as to instill in the the girl that she did do wrong and that consequences would be severe! After taking the two straps, JK is informed that her punishment will also involve a paddling, actually she would have to face swats with a lexan and wooden paddle! Both of the paddles when applied to JK’s bare buttocks brought her up to her tippy toes as she was bent over the bed! In fact, JK would also have to take swats with the wooden paddle while she was over her Daddy’s knees as well. Certainly JK was more accepting of her punishment this time around, and quite honestly, after all that she had been through living the wild life she was just glad to be home and tucked into her bed by Daddy. It seems that JK came to understand that a sore bottom wasn’t the worst thing that she could have to deal with in this world.
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